Monday, August 1, 2011

Project Life: Week 30

This Project Life post will be a little longer than usual.  I had the privilege of staying home with my girls Wednesday through Friday.  It basically solidified my long-term plans of leaving my job and becoming a home manager :o)  I had a blast with those kids!  Here is the proof:

The girls had fun playing dress-up with my old dance costumes!

We worked on earning our August badge in the Badges of Fun challenge.

The girls and I ventured out in the heat to play at the playground for a few minutes!

We went to the "big city" to eat breakfast, browse the library, and visit Daddy at work for lunch!

Jaden LOVES the library because they have ALL of the princess books!

Taylor found some familiar characters, too!

Jaden traded her baby dish of ice cream for a big girl cone!

This is how you beat the dog days of summer!

Gramma J, Jaden, and I went to see the Smurfs movie on opening night!  We all loved it :o)

Taylor had no problem relaxing with her water bottle instead of walking at the zoo on Saturday.

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Dollface said...

Adorable, easy, breezy summer living pics! xxxoo