Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hot Lips

Mike and I went to pick the girls up from the sitter's yesterday.  She keeps her lights very dim, so it wasn't until we got home that we saw what our daughter really looked like.
Bright red lipstick!  Sure, it was cute... until I tried to take it off.  I don't know what kind of lipstick this was, but it did not budge!  I tried a wet wipe.  I tried soap and water.  I tried make up remover.  Jaden was in tears because her lips were being rubbed raw.  She still had red lips.

This morning, she woke up and was upset because she thought her friends at preschool would laugh at her.  Honestly, after all of the scrubbing last night, having a bath, and sleeping, it was very faint.  You could definitely still see it, but it wasn't as bright.  I told her she looked beautiful but maybe Annie could try to get it off.  She also has strict instructions to leave Annie's lipstick alone from now on!  Oh my, child...

Obviously, if I'm taking Jaden's picture, T wants in on the action!

Before taking Jaden's picture, I kind of licked my thumb and wiped a little dirt/food/booger/something from her nose.  She replied, "Ooh, Mom!  Your water smells good!"

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