Monday, October 10, 2011

Guess Who Just Earned Another Big-Girl Point!?

Remember when I showed you this picture of Taylor?

A couple of days later, I took this one... 
Do you notice anything different?  Well, besides the PJs?

Here, have a closer look at this one that I took this morning: 
Do you see it?  No!  Because it is not there!

Taylor Max is officially paci-free!

Taylor had two pacifiers left; one in the diaper bag to take to the babysitters for nap time, and one at home for bedtime.  She was only allowed to have them when she was going to sleep. Well, last week Mike went to pick up the girls and was told that Taylor lost her paci.  It wasn't a huge deal because we knew, 1) We had another one at home; and 2) It would turn up eventually!

Bedtime came and I suggested to Mike that maybe this was the perfect time to take it away for good.  She asked for it and I told her it was lost.  We talked about how she lost it at Annie's.  She answered, "Paci all gone!"  We put her to bed without it.  The first night, she cried a little bit.  It took her a little longer to fall asleep than it usually does but she did eventually.

The next night, she didn't even ask for it!

We are a paci-free house!  Now we just need to ditch the diapers...

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