Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Badges of Fun: Learn Something New & A GIVEAWAY!

The girls earned their third badge in Disney Family Fun's Badges of Fun challenge!  The theme for the third badge was Learn Something New.  To earn their badge, the girls started a scavenger hunt.  I created exploration guides for them to fill out to earn their badge. 

On each page of the guide, I read them a riddle and they (Jaden) had to try and guess the correct answer.  After that, they had to draw a picture of that object and then find it. 

Once we found it, I took their picture to put in their guide!

This has been a fun, ongoing project for both girls and myself!  We aren't completely finished with our guides yet, but I feel that they have completed enough to earn a badge :o)


Great job girls!

For the next badge, we all get to participate in some Family Night Fun!  To earn the badges, the girls must complete an activity in one of the following categories:
  1. Play Table Sports
  2. Make Some Custom Crafts
  3. Hone Your Skills
As always, I like to choose an activity that is fit for the girls' age level (4 and 2) and the second category has the perfect activity for us!  As you can see, we love to display photos and artwork on our refrigerator. 

I think the girls would really enjoy making frames to hold their own coloring pictures and the photos of our friends!  I have two creative kiddos so I'm sure the frames will be awesome!  Like always, we'll put our own creative twist on our project.

I can not say enough good things about Disney Family Fun magazine!  We all love it at our house!  Jaden loves to grab the magazine when it comes in the mail and look through it to find her favorite characters.  You can only imagine her surprise when she came across these cuties on page 11:

She couldn't believe she was in the same magazine as Tinkerbell and Duck Tales! 


I want to thank Faye and everyone else at the magazine for featuring my girls and their hard work!  Disney has agreed to give one of my readers a ONE-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Disney Family Fun!  How awesome is that?!  If you already have a subscription, they will extend your current subscription for one year at no cost to you!

This is not a random giveaway.  Please leave a comment below telling my why you want this subscription.  Have you ever purchased a copy of the magazine before?  What is it about Disney Family Fun that you absolutely can not get enough of?  Who would you share your subscription with? 

Be sure to leave your email address in the comment!!  I will pick the commenter that I feel is most deserving of this awesome prize.  You must comment BEFORE November 13 to be considered.  I will pick and announce the winner on Monday, November 14.

Facebook friends: You do not have to have a Blogger ID to comment!  If you would like the subscription, leave a comment as anonymous, but be sure to leave your name and email address in the comment!

Also, I have listed the Exploration Guides I created in my Etsy shop.  They come as a printable PDF for you to make yourself!  Check out my shop if you are interested.

Good luck! 

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Biz Dickmeyer said...

I want the Disney Family Fun magazine because I love to read about the creative family fun activities to do with my girls. I have only ever purchased 1 Disney Family Fun magazine. I usually read the Disney Family Fun magazine while I am at the Y and make a mental note of the activity I want to do and then forget how to do it once I am ready to do it. I am deserving of the Disney Family Fun subscription because one of my goals in life is to be as creative as Shannon McClure, and an avid reader/supporter of all things created by Shannon McClure.

Bobbie Mackey said...

would love this! i used to get so many ideas from this magazine to use in my work at the library with children, and at home with my own kiddos. unfortunately, our library had to cut it due to budget concerns. miss it so much!

jobodama @ gmail.com

amanda said...

we would LOVE the subscription to Disney Family Fun b/c little Rosie is getting bigger now and we're wanting to do some fun crafts and take little adventures with her! i'm a worn out busy momma and could really use a great magazine for some tips and ideas!!

Jenny said...

As a gramma, I would LOVE to have a magazine with fun ideas for crafts with my granddaughters! Also, I own a Pottery Painting Studio and would be able to use and promote the magazine with my line of Disney Bisque!

Altagracia said...

I would love this magazine as i work with children and have 2 niece and nephews. It will give me good tips and ideas on activities that are fun but enhance learning as well.

Altagracia (period) Pimentel (at) gmail (period) com

Gill Family said...

I would love this! Caroline is really into projects now at three and I am always looking for new things to do with her. Being on a really tight budget we cant afford a magazine subscribtion right now (long drawn out story).. but I would LOVE to get this for her!!

Gill Family said...

Whoops!! Gill Family email = amanda.gill83@gmail.com