Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Life: Week 52

December 25-31

Jaden's first reaction to all of the presents from Santa under the tree!

Taylor digs through her stocking.

Jaden got the pink princess Doodle Bear she asked Santa for!

Taylor helped me open the gift she got me.


The girls were surprised to find the Disney Princess Ultimate Dream Castle in the living room!

Taylor hiding from Uncle Shane during one of many games of Hide 'n Seek.

Shane had a good hiding spot!

The girls LOVE their new bath toys from Santa!

Jaden hosted her first sleepover during Christmas break!

J was excited to get to sleep in her new sleeping bag in the basement.


Tia said...

Did you wake up and do your hair on Christmas morning?? You look so pretty!

Shannon said...

Haha! Thanks, Tia! I did do my hair Christmas morning. It takes a few days for me to get out of my 5 a.m. routine :o)

Anonymous said...

where did you get the bath 'face' toys. would love to purchase some for my kiddos!

Shannon said...

I actually purchase them from an independant book dealer. I can't find them online, but I am going to be making my own set and selling them in my Etsy store! Email me (on contact page) and I will definitely let you know when they are available!