Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Badges of Fun: Preserve Family Memories

The girls earned their fifth badge in Disney Family Fun's Badges of Fun challenge!  The theme of this badge was Preserve Family Memories.  Disney Family Fun offered many great ideas on how the girls could earn their badge, but like always, we decided to make up our own activity to go with the theme!

To earn their badge, the girls put together a Family Tree Book.  I created pages for each of our family members to fill out. 

Then, we took their picture to place on their page. 

When we got the photos printed, the girls matched up the photo with that person's page! 

They had a lot of fun putting their book together and we will always have it to treasure.  The best part about this book is that we can add to it and keep building our family tree!

UPDATE: These pages (38-page printable PDF) have been added to my Etsy store!

The girls successfully earned their badges and we continue to add family members to our book!

The next badge in the Badges of Fun challenge is Start a New Tradition.  We are excited to start a new tradition with the new year!


Lala said...

Impressive! You checked off some really great things! My friend started some years back. Have I ever shown it to you? I was a beta tester when it first began, but I didn't keep up with it because I'm bad at keeping up with my life online (obviously!). You might find it helpful to keep on track with your resolutions plus you can network with people who have similar goals, getting support and new ideas.

Lala said...

(Oops! I left the above comment on the wrong post!) What I wanted to say on this post is that I love the book and I hope you post the pages to your shop! I think this would be great for families to have and to fill out with their kids! Awesome idea, Shan! I think Disney Mag needs to cover your idea (again)!

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