Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Giants are the best readers!

Jaden: Mom, guess what! I can read now!
Me: You can? Good job!
Jaden: Yeah, I just learned!
Me: Wow! 
Jaden: I can read just like you, Mom!
Me: Really?  Good job, J!
Jaden: I'm getting so tall, aren't I?! 

:o)  Mike and I died laughing! Whenever J learns something new or does something really well, we always make the comment, "You're getting so big!"  or, "You're growing up so fast!"  I guess in her 4-year-old head, that means she's getting taller!  Man, just when we think she might possibly be the smartest little girl in the world... ;o)  But, we love her to pieces!!


Kelly said...

Bahahaha!! So funny!

Kristen said...

this is too funny! Last week my 3yr old came to me and says (in all seriousness): "Mommy, I'm done being 3. I'm gonna be 4 now". Poor kid, all he wants to do is play soccer and play on the computer like his big brother. With turning 4 comes soccer so I guess he's just linked it all together and has decided 3 just isn't any fun!