Thursday, February 23, 2012

Snow Day!

I just realized that I am SO behind on posting.

This has been a pretty mild winter.  We've had cold but not SUPER cold temps.  It will snow really good one day and then be in the upper 40s with rain the next.  The snow will come and then completely disappear before it snows again.  We've had hardly any of that nasty gray slush on the streets and sidewalks.

One day last month, it snowed pretty good.  The girls and I decided to head out and have us some FUN!

Jaden's lanky body is the perfect snow angel maker!  Until she tries to get up :o)  Then it just looks like a snow angel crash landed.

We tried making snow balls.  When I say "we," I obviously mean "they."  I don't have waterproof gloves!  Plus, I'm on camera duty :o)

Taylor's version of a snow angel... It just didn't work :o)  She's fallen and she can't get up!

Jaden's friends told her it was ok to eat the snow.  Well, my picky child was a little hesitant.  

"It's snowing!!"

Then, of course, there is the swing set!  What kid can resist a snow covered swing set?!?

Taylor had a hard time walking through the snow.  It was so deep and her snow pants were SO puffy!  Jaden crawled to make a path for her :o)

Then, we sledded down our front yard!

Pictures ended here because it was my job to drag these beasts back UP the hill after they sledded down it. Talk about tiring!  We still haven't gotten our snowman family built... I really need some better gloves!  But, it's only February and I live in Indiana.  Odds are we will be building snowmen on Easter!

Happy Thursday :o)  Stay warm!