Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Project Life: June

June 24-30
Beating the hear with a little ice cream treat!

That's my stink!

Mike and I at the Roy Chin Golf Outing.

Mike with his life-long buddy, Matt.

At one of the holes, the golfers had to tee off wearing hockey goalie gloves!

Mike and his ladies :o)

June 17-23
The girls made Grampa Max an apron for Father's Day.

He loved it!

Mike loved his homemade gift from the girls, too!

There's always time for a quick game of limbo!

The girls adore their Uncle Shane-O!

They also love Ant Farm on the Disney channel...

The girls and I are on a quest to create the world's best chocolate chip cookie.  The first batch was IT! The second, same recipe, came out a little flat... Still working on it!

Taylor, on the other hand, is working on her serving skills :o)

Unpacking at the new house... TOO MANY "friends"!!

We thought the world was ending while camping at the DMB concert! Turns out it was just a 22ยบ solar halo.

Sarah and I at the DMB campground.


Me and my bro at the concert :o)

June 10-16
"Mom, it's too bright!"


This is our happily ever after...

Enjoying some carnival rides at the Kate's Kart Ice Cream Social!

Jaden's all chocolate...

Taylor is all "white".

Jaden got Jude to get off his duff and exercise a little!

June 3-9
The girls painted their Dad a popcorn bucket for Father's Day!

We scored this Mulan dress at a garage sale for only $2!! Jaden LOVED it!!


Tia said...

You have a pool?? Jealous!

Shannon said...

Funny thing... That used to be "my" pool. It was in my backyard at my parents' house all while growing up. Now, it lives at my aunt's house. We went over for a quick dip one weekend :o)