Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Emotional Art

I went to dinner with a girlfriend last night and when I came home, Jaden was on her bed, weeping.
Me: "Jaden, what's wrong?"
Jaden: "I lost my bracelet that Gramma J gave me."
Me: "It's ok, sweetie!  We'll find it."

Me: "Jaden, did you draw a picture?"
Jaden: "Yeah, it's me cuz I'm saaaaaaadddd..."

Don't worry, I rescued her poor heart by finding her bracelet in like 2 minutes, right where I remember her putting it, "to keep it safe."


Jenny said...

awwww....what a SWEETHEART!!! It's the simple things! LOVE HER!!!

Lora said...

Such a gentle heart.... I am glad you found the bracelet easily.

Kristen said...

awww, that is so sweet! Hope you are doing well, I'm rarely on here anymore so I'm trying to catch up a little!