Monday, September 17, 2012

Dancing Queen

Jaden started tap class!

We went to H&M and got her a couple of cute new leotards and tights.  We went to the shoe sale at the dance studio and got her some tap shoes... whatever happened to the cute black ones that tied with ribbons??

She takes lessons at Steppin' Out School of Dance.  It's a really nice studio!  All of the rooms are equipped with video cameras that play on screens in the lobby so parents can watch without being a distraction.

Jaden is in a class with two other girls (one was absent on the first day).

So far she has learned basic steps such as shuffle-step, shuffle-hop-step, and heel-toe-step.

Her instructor is really nice and super patient :o)  

So far, she is loving it!  I love watching her and remembering back to my tap days :o) 

In the lobby, we are also able to see the other classes going on at the same time.  Taylor liked watching the big kids do their stretches... and trying to copy their every move!

I'm so excited to watch Jaden become a tap dancer!

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Abbey said...

THANK YOU for posting this! Ella started dance, too, and I need to get her some leotards but had no clue where to go.

J looks so darling!