Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree!

The holiday season is officially here!  We usually spend Thanksgiving weekend decking the halls, but with all of the sickness this year, we had to wait a few more days.  It is a tradition in our family (since Mike and I shared an apartment together back in 2004) for each person in the family to pick out a new ornament each year.  This ornament doesn't have to match anything we have. It is picked by the individual because it is the BEST one ever... or at least for that year :o)

I was the first to spot my ornament must-have for 2012.

The Starbucks red cup!!  Venti iced coffee caramel non-fat, please!

Jaden spotted hers while grocery shopping.

My red-headed princess ADORES this red-headed princess!

Taylor was on a mission to find a certain Spanish-speaking friend of hers.

Only slightly bummed that Boots wasn't with Dora.

Mike added to the golfing Santa collection he has going.


The new ornaments are always the first to go on the tree, ensuring the very best spot!

So proud!

Front and center!

Happy Holidays!  ...well, almost anyway :o)

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Kerri Waller said...

That's a cute tradition! A new ornament every year! I love your Starbucks ornament. :)

Ms. Magpie said...

My family has the same tradition - looking at our Christmas tree is better than looking through a photo album. We also find ornaments as souvenirs on vacations. I have the original Starbucks cup ornament from a few years ago. It's one of my favorites!