Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy Half-Year!

Yesterday marked the halfway point for 2013. Seriously, where has the time gone?? This year is flying by!  Time for a New Years Resolutions check-in!

2013 New Years Resolutions
  1. Cross something else off of my Life List
    Not yet, but I'm trying very hard to organize my life, and I have a trip planned with some girlfriends to go to French Lick Winery this fall! One way or another, I'll have something crossed off by December 31st.
  2. Finish the Great Kitchen Project of 2013
    Because this project seems (to me) to be a big undertaking, I'm going to finish the rest of my downstairs before finishing the kitchen. I'm almost there, though! I just have the entryway and playroom to do.
  3. Read 42 books... including the entire Harry Potter series!
    I'm so behind on my reading list. Like by 5 books or something. I need to catch up BIG TIME! Not a single HP, either... Just not feeling it.
  4. Get caught up on Jaden's birthday scrapbook
    Maybe this is what I'll work on at the weekend scrap in October...
  5. Get promoted to Lead in my Scentsy business
    I did it!  I have one consultant under me and would LOVE to have more! Contact me if you are interested. It is a really great side business :-)
  6. Take my kids on monthly "dates"
    We actually have done a couple.  One was as an entire family. The summertime is pretty crazy busy and we try to get to the zoo as often as we can, so I'll pick this one back up in the fall.
  7. Take a family vacation
    Plans are made and the girlies are excited! I'll post about it when we get home :-)
  8. Start AND complete 71 craft projects
    Well, I've done a lot of craft projects, but I don't think I'll make it to 71. What the heck was I thinking?!
  9. SERIOUSLY lose 10 lbs and reintroduce exercise into my life regularly
    I absolutely accomplished this goal! I'm part of an amazing group that keeps me motivated. This is a post in itself. I'm definitely down ten, though.
  10. BLOG MORE!
    Starting now... ;-)

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