Wednesday, October 9, 2013

End of the Year Celebration!

Jaden goes to the largest elementary school in our district. Because of the number of students, they do not do a school carnival. Instead, they have an end of the year celebration! There are lots of blow-up slides, obstacle courses, and bouncy houses for the kids. They even had a local radio station show up to provide music and food! Lincoln Elementary has a huge grassy lot, so there was plenty of room for kids to run!

First, Jaden braved the Titanic slide. She had to crawl up the middle (see where it says "First Class" there by the guy in green?) and then choose a side to slide down.  It is a super tall slide! Taylor decided to keep place in line for the bouncy house instead :-)

My kids LOVE bouncy houses! They could probably spend an entire day in one if given the chance... wait, they have :-)  I'll get to that post another day!

This bounce house had a slide exit. Pretty cool! Taylor has an interesting way of going down these slides...


While waiting in the long lines, Taylor found a friend!!

She LOVES these little potato bugs! (but will scream if she sees a fly or gnat)

While Taylor bounced in the bounce house, J held place in line for the obstacle course.

After the obstacle course, Taylor decided she was brave enough for the Titanic slide...

Everyone in line chuckled at the major wedgie she had after this one :-)

We got out of there JUST IN TIME. That pretty rainbow broke into a downpour right as we were pulling into our garage.

It was a super fun evening! So thankful for such an awesome school... Thanks Lincoln!!

I'm participating in the Nester's 31 Day Challenge!

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