Friday, October 4, 2013

Mother's Day and Mom's Birthday

Happy Mother's Day... five months later!
Gramma J wasn't able to make it to the Mother's Day cookout, so we met up with her the day before to have a little pizza and give her a gift. She loved her photo book of the girls (a yearly Mother's Day tradition!)
For Mother's Day this year, I got all of the great-grandkids together and took their pictures for Gramma Pat!

These are the pictures we ended up with!
Raegan, Jaden, Maddie, & Taylor

Gramma Pat LOVED her pictures!
We spent the day playing in Garrett at Cindy's house.

The girls were EXHAUSTED!

It was a wonderful day! Mike and the girls spoiled me with some wonderful gifts, too.
The day after Mother's Day was mom's birthday so we all went to Bandido's. Jaden got to show off her Young Author's book :-)  It's adorable, by the way.

For some reason, the service was extremely slow that day so I took the girls out to the lobby to waste a couple of quarters in the candy machines.
J got a mustache...

Taylor got candy...

After dinner, we went to DeBrand for a birthday dessert!

It was a wonderful weekend of celebrations!

I'm participating in the Nester's 31 Day Challenge!

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