Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm kinda bummed about one tiny little thing this Christmas... THE SANTA ISN'T LIT UP DOWNTOWN!! I have yet to see it lit up this year. I drive past it twice a day, five days a week. Does anyone know why it is not on? I would REALLY like an answer to this. Is it only on at certain hours? I go past around 7:20 am and 4:15 pm. Another thing that bugs me a little bit is that a WHILE ago, I asked a friend of mine for a copy of a video she has. I wanted to give it as a gift. This was way back in October maybe? Maybe early November. Anyway, it was in plenty of time. I asked her about it again and she said it's been on her counter since I asked her. PLEASE?!?! I really want to give this!

Mike and I went to dinner with Jason and Steph the other night. It was kind of awkward... We used to be such good friends with them. After our weddings, we just kind of went our separate ways. We had a good time at dinner and then went back to our house. You'll never believe what happened next... they both went into separate rooms and talked on their cell phones for a good 15-20 minutes! Excuse: "Wow, I haven't talked to him in a long time." YOU'VE ONLY TALKED TO US TWICE SINCE APRIL! I guess it's just easy to forgive, yet impossible to forget.

Mike's birthday is this Saturday!!! We are shopping during the day. Instead of buying each other gifts for our birthdays (since they are both so close to Christmas), we are taking the other one shopping and (with a limit, of course) buying them whatever they want! Fun stuff!! It's a fun day that we get to spend together, complete with Aunt Annie's pretzels, of course! I just have to not complain TOO much about the stores we go to and the amount of time we spend in them (i.e. Best Buy or Delmar for over an hour?) because I want him to be pleasant when it's my turn :)

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