Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Hallelujah it is THURSDAY!  I wore my "Seriously." shirt in honor of the new Grey's on tonight.  Unfortunately it will be the last new one for a while. Anyway, here's me happy about tonight!!
Yesterday was a wonderful birthday!  Mike let me sleep in and he got up with Jaden.  Actually, my alarm went off about five minutes after she woke up but still, it's the thought that counts :o)  I know you are asking yourself, "Why was her alarm set on her day off; her birthday?"  Well my friends, it was because I had a 9:15 appointment to get my hair cut!  It looks great!  I new style for a more mature 26-year-old :o)  RIGHT.  But really, I like it a lot.  I went for the swoopy eye level bangs that will always be annoying and in my eyes, yet look great!  Then, Mike and I spent the day shopping!  Remember the hoodie Daniele always wore on Big Brother?  WELL, I now own one just like it (I think).  I always liked it a lot and am a HUGE fan of hoodies.  I found one at Target and I love it!  I also got a new bag and a couple of shirts.  Oh, and Mike and I went to get our eyes checked and they told me I need glasses :o(  The thing is though, they said I need them for close up stuff because I'm far-sighted.  I tried explaining to him that I really need them for driving but he insisted that I don't... I'm 26, not 5.  I think I know what I can and cannot see.  So, I don't know that I will be buying them!
Raise your hand if you are super-excited about this weekend, specifically Saturday!  Miss J and I get to spend our afternoon playing together and cleaning the house like usual (only after a 90210 mini-marathon in the early morning!!).  Then, I'm taking her to Gramma Karen's and I'm off to meet up with an old Garrett buddy for coffee.  After that, it's wing time at B-dubs!  Then back to our place for some pre-going out partying before we hit up Flashback!  Tons of fun! 
Thanks to all of those who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!!  Every message, text, email made me smile :o)  So... Happy Christmas Eve!  ooh, or would that be tomorrow?  hmmm...

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Anonymous said...

you have trouble seeing while driving because your eyes overwork themselves to read and then you can"t see far away, if you get the glasses and wear them you"ll be amazed how much better you will see when you drive as well