Friday, January 11, 2008


Did you watch it last night?  It was good.  About half way through, I was sitting on my bed crying because it was so sad.  I asked myself, why do I obsess over a show that makes me sad?  But I guess it's shows that are so well written, such as Grey's, that we can relate to.  I don't know... It was really good though.  First of all, I'm glad that George said, "I want to be the George that Bailey named her son after."  I like the old George.  Part of me still wants George and Meredith to get together.  The other part of me thinks that she is too strong a woman for him.  She's too opinionated.  But, are she and McDreamy done for good?  He's a player.  Meredith was right.  He doesn't want her, he wants someone.  I don't know... I still like them together.  Meredith is warming up to Lexy.  That's a good thing, I think.  OH!  I almost forgot about Bailey!!  My heart was seriously hurting for her last night.  Her little boy had a problem that could kill him.  All she wanted to do was hold his hand in surgery and Dr. Hahn would not let her!  If that was me and seeing my baby alive on the operating table could possibly be the last time I saw him alive, I would do everything I could to be with him.  She wasn't just any ordinary mother.  She is a surgeon as well.  Hahn should have let her stay.  I LOVED the ending.  I knew Bailey would ask that lady to help her.  Who is she, by the way?  Very familiar but I can't think of what I've seen her in.  What happened to her?  Did they finish her story?  Good job though!  I loved last night :o)

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