Friday, February 8, 2008

Am I NUTS????

Sometimes I think I should hire a little man to follow me around and give me a nice kick in the butt when I do something DUMB only because I'm too nice to say no... That little man would have kicked me HARD the other day, but he didn't and so now I am again WORKING FOR BRANDON!!!  Why, why, why??  Kristi emailed me earlier this week and asked if I could call Brandon because he wanted to talk to me about a couple of things.  Well, you know how I get about these kind of things.  My stomach was doing flips all day as I sat at my desk wondering what it was he wanted to talk to me about.  Did he find out that one day while working for him, I was the ONLY person in the building for the whole day so I spent it watching Grey's Anatomy Season 2 DVD???  Is it too late to get in trouble for that?  Or, maybe he smelled the WONDERFUL Aveda product on me the last time I was in there and he realized just how much of that stuff I took when he repossessed the beauty salon?  No, I know!  He realized what a jerk he had been and he wanted to give me a huge check to compensate for the lack of benefits, threatening my job because I was pregnant, and the unfit working environment I had to endure!!  None of the above... he fired his graphic designer because get this, he wasn't working!!  I looked on their website and he had about three or four auctions in the past couple of months.  The guy wasn't working because there was no work for him to do!!!  Ugh!  How can some people be so successful, yet SO IGNORENT???  It baffles me... Anyway, after a whole day of a nervous tummy ache, I called him.  He wanted to know if I would do some freelance work for him.  He sounded a little desperate, I do have to admit :o)  He said, "We'll pay you whatever you want."  I said yes only because now, I am in control.  He can't "boss" me anymore.  In fact, when I went in that evening to get the things I needed and to have him sign a contract (if not, the tight-wad would never give me a dime!), he pulled out the chair and said, "well, have at it!"  OOHHHH no buddy!  I will be working from home, thank you!  So, I guess we'll see how this pans out!  He WILL pay me.  Why wouldn't he?  Doesn't it seem obvious that if a person does work for you, you pay them?  You would think so!  I'll keep you posted...

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