Monday, January 28, 2008

Fort Wayne drivers have crazy road rage in the mornings!  Half of the drivers drive like they are still asleep and the other half act like it's their first time.  This morning, I was driving Lake to Main (like I do EVERY morning) and I crossed Clinton and all madness broke loose!  Someone was stopped in front of the City/County building dropping somebody off (first of all, this should be illegal).  I saw it as I was crossing Clinton so I signaled and got in the left lane.  The car in front of me (first time driver?) saw it a little later and cut me off, AND the car in front of him (still sleeping?) only saw the stopped car right when he was about to rear-end it and swerved over, cutting off the car in front of me causing him to slam on his brakes.  In turn, I slammed on my brakes (and horn) causing my lunch to go flying along with my other bags.  THEN, as if that wasn't enough, the EXACT same scenario happened about three blocks up because there was a car broke down in front of the newspaper building!  The EXACT SAME THING!  For the love of all things, people!  Pay attention!  Ugh!
Jaden had her nine month check-up on Friday.  Everything checked out perfect!  She weighs 26 lbs. 5 oz. and measures 30.25 inches!  I TOLD you she was a big girl :o)  Supposedly babies triple their birth weight by one year... yeah, she was 7lbs. 1 oz at birth.  We passed that a while ago.  Height/weight/head size, even though off the charts, was at the same percentage.  Good job, Miss J!
Kelly and I went to Cindy's scrapbook party on Saturday.  It was a lot of fun.  I got a lot accomplished :o)  I didn't quite finish everything I had intended to, but none the less...
Oh, hey... EVERYONE needs to wear RED on FEBRUARY 1ST!  It is GO RED day to support finding a cure for heart disease in women.  I know everyone owns a red shirt... If you cannot wear a red shirt for uniform reasons, wear something!  Wouldn't it be neat if everywhere you looked, you saw people in red?  Go for it! 
Well, that's about it... have a happy Monday and until next time, let's toss it up to Sports Center ;o)

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