Monday, March 10, 2008

My Life List

There was a girl who died in the 9/11 attacks while in the process of checking off one of the things on her Life List.  After her death, her mother found her list.  Her story was very inspirational to me.  I started my list a while back and have been gradually adding to it.  I think everyone should make one.  Here is my list!
1- Write and publish a book
2- Learn a song on the guitar
3- Put my foot in each ocean
4- Visit Ground Zero
5- Talk with a homeless person
6- Plan a major event from start to finish
7- Start my own business
8- Meet a famous person
9- Build something useful out of wood
10- Visit each of the 50 states
11- Host a dinner party
12- Bike the River Greenway
13- Learn golf
14- Train and run in a race
15- Anonymously pay for someone else's meal at a restaurant
16- Take my family on a vacation to Disney World
17- Learn to knit
18- Collect all Statehood Quarters
19- Learn Spanish
20- Take a ballroom dance class
21- Take a line dancing class
22- Swim with dolphins
23- Sing on stage
24- Visit the Oval Office
25- Visit Niagara Falls
26- Attend a Wine Tasting at a winery
27- Build a house with Habitat for Humanity
28- Learn to bake
29- Experience weightlessness
30- Participate in a polar bear swim
31- Be in NY on New Year's Eve
32- Be in the front row at a concert
33- Own a yellow house with white trim, black shutters, and red geraniums in window baskets
34- Shop at the Mall of America
35- Place a bet in Vegas
36- Take a Cake Decorating class
37- Be 100% free of debt
38- Deliver gifts to a hospital on Christmas Eve
39- Attend a taping of Oprah
40- Flip a house
41- Learn to tattoo
42- Be on a game show
43- Apply/Audition for a reality show
44- Live the Mardi Gras experience
45- Participate in the Chalk Walk
46- Be a radio DJ for a day
47- Start a club
48- Create a family website
49- Volunteer
50- Marry my soul mate and have two beautiful children

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