Friday, May 30, 2008

I get by with a little help from my friends...

I think I am pretty smart.  When it comes to sudoku, I consider myself a pro.  Yesterday's page from my calendar really has me stumped!  I know I could always flip it over and get an answer from the back, but I don't cheat.  I can't even get one number!  I hate putting those little cheater numbers in... Give it a try!  Don't give me the answers though!!
You know how sometimes you see people doing something or wearing something and you wonder to yourself, "What are they thinking?!?!"  You KNOW that the only reason for their idiotic behavior is because it is the "cool thing to do."  For example, you see a larger girl wearing skinny jeans when those things only look good on stick thin models and mannequins.  Or, you know of a person who got a HORRIBLE hair cut because they saw that style on some beautiful celebrity.  Or, my favorite, people who eat sushi... do they KNOW it is RAW?!?!  They are the same type of people who order their steaks well done!  Anyway, I think I was in one of those moments today.  We went to lunch at Flat Top Grille.  Personally, I think the place is over-rated.  I had only been there two times previously and my meal both of those times seemed a little bland.  I chalked it up to me not knowing what I was doing.  Today, I followed a recipe and it was still tasteless!  I am half tempted to never eat there again but part of me wants to go back to try it again.  The next time I am putting no chicken or tofu in it... It did fill me up to the point where I think I could skip all meals this weekend and be fine!  I don't know though... I think I got more satisfaction from the piece of gum I popped afterwards.  Your thoughts?
Another thing I am torn over is whether or not to go see the Sex and the City movie after work today or not.  I never watched the TV show until I started collecting the seasons.  I am to season 5, I think, on DVD.  Should I wait and see the movie AFTER I have watched all of the seasons, or should I spend some quality bonding time with my co-workers and go see it tonight?  I don't know...  I kind of just want to go home and see Mike and Jaden.  I'm very indecisive today, I think!
How do I get Jaden to face her bike helmet fear?  I REALLY want to go on a bike ride this weekend with her but she is deathly afraid of her helmet.  I have been waiting since she was in my tummy to strap her to the back of my bike and ride!  I KNOW she would love it but how do I convince her of that since she cannot speak English yet?  I can't even get the helmet near her.  She has no problem wearing her sun hat (except we bought her a new one and she won't let me put that on her either).  This weekend is supposed to be really nice and I'd hate to waste it sitting inside.  I'm thinking about going to the zoo again on Saturday, unless I can get her helmet on her.  Either way, I'm sure I'll have a good story about it come Monday!
Do you have a "Feel Good Song"?  You know, the song that comes on and you immediately turn up the volume and sing your little heart out?  The song that you could listen to on repeat for days and NEVER get sick of?  I do.  It is on right now and it has made my day!  "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something might quite possibly be the greatest song ever written.  I am probably the ONLY person on this earth that thinks so.  I don't remember the exact year that came out but I do know I was in junior high because I was in my "red room" (only it was still yellow) listening to B106 the first time I heard it.  (If the whole "red room" thing confused you, I had two bedrooms when I lived at my parents' house.  One was the "red room" because I painted it red, and the other was the "green room" because, well I'm sure you can figure that one out!)  It's crazy how certain songs can trigger a particular memory without you even thinking about it.  I have a lot of songs that do that. 
So, you all know about my Life List, right?  Well, one thing on my list is to start a club.  I've decided to start "Time To Wine".  It will be a club where ladies can get together and just have a little bit of girl time to chat, vent, whatever... while enjoying different kinds of wine without guys or kids!  Sound like fun?  Interested?  I don't know when I'm officially going to start it but it will definitely happen sooner or later. 
I remember when I was younger and it seemed like my friends and I were all basically doing the same things.  We all went to school at the same time.  We all got our driver's licenses around the same time.  We all got cars and jobs when we were 16ish.  We all applied and were accepted to colleges.  That's when it all started to change.  Why is that?  We all went our separate ways.  Now, we are all in very different parts of our lives.  I, like a couple others, am married and have a daughter, while others are still acting like they're 21 and going out every night.  How is it that we were all once doing the exact same thing and now we are worlds apart?  Some don't even have jobs!  I can't imagine living in their shoes... The crazy thing is that we thought it was rough back then!  Just something to think about...
Enough with the randomness.  Try the sudoku and have a great weekend!!

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