Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's the final countdown!

Ok, I'm ready to go home! I've sat here for seven hours and typed some of the most ridiculous names I've ever read. I'm not even positive I am able to correctly pronounce some of them! In case you are wondering, I am working on high school graduation programs. Ugh...

Today is Thursday! One of my most favorite nights of the week is coming upon us! The season finale of Grey's is on tonight! I saw a sneak preview the other day online and it showed a man being brought it in a chunk of cement. "Really big trauma." I'm so excited :o) I wore my Grey's shirt in honor of the evening. Two full hours of bloody, trashy goodness!

The radio is kind of annoying today. First of all, they are promoting their "Sex in the City" movie ticket give-away this weekend only they can't say "sex" so they call it "The Girls are Back in the City." Dumb. Don't promote it if you can't say it. Second, there is a coffee house in Fort Wayne called Espresso Gallery. They are having their grand opening and the radio people are going to be there tonight. They keep calling it EXpresso Gallery. There is no "X" in espresso!!

I think I'm going to try a spray tan. Actually, I just called and they don't take same-day appointments. Bummer, but why the heck not? If you have an opening and I can give you money to fill it, why wouldn't you? I guess I'll take the UV rays for today and make a spray tan appointment for tomorrow. Dannielle's wedding is coming up in about 5 weeks and I don't want to be the pasty bridesmaid. Speaking of which, if you are a married, you are a matron of honor instead of a maid of honor. Well, would I be a brides matron? It sounds a little classier than a bridesmaid. Or what about matron of the bride.

Ok, only 5:34:08 until Grey's!! Merry Christmas Eve!

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