Friday, May 23, 2008

"Be extraordinary."

It was!  Wow, what a great season finale!  Meredith and Derek had one last shot at killing a brain tumor with their clinical trial.  I don't really get the logic, but Meredith figured out a way to take two more chances... Anyway, they were going to try to save two kids who met in a group therapy while undergoing chemo.  They were the only two from their group that were still alive.  The surgery was first performed on the boyfriend.  It didn't work.  Meredith and Derek both were very upset.  Derek tossed their celebratory bottle of champagne into the trash.  They talked to the girlfriend and Derek tried to explain to her that they have never been successful at the surgery they were about to perform on her and that if she didn't want to have it, it was ok.  Meredith kind of went over his head and pushed the surgery.  The girl didn't back down.  She wanted it.  Derek was SO mad at Meredith.  He confronted her telling her that together they kill and that after the final surgery, he was done with her for good.  They went into surgery and successfully injected the virus into the tumor.  The girl did not die.  A while after the surgery, the girl still had not woken up.  Meredith looked at the CT scan and saw that the tumor had gotten smaller.  She realized that the clinical trial had been a success.  She went to the lounge to get the champagne (but it wasn't there) and proceeded to look for Derek.  Derek, in the meantime, was at the nurses station when he heard the parents of the girl start crying.  He rushed into the room and saw that she had finally woke up!  He now realizes what Meredith already knows and runs off to the lounge to get the champagne out of the trash.  He searches everywhere for Meredith.  He finally ends up at his trailer and was about to give up when something in the distance catches his eye...
Yang had been depressed.  Burke was recognized for something that she basically did and he gave her no recognition for it.  That was just icing on top of the "Hahn hates me" cake.  So, in order to cheer her up, Meredith gave her the sparkly pager, which led her to the "really big trauma!"  As Meredith and Derek are working on their clinical trial, the other surgeons are working/arguing together to free a boy from a block of hardening cement.  This kid was dared to sit in quick-drying cement by a group of his "friends."  He did so to impress a girl he liked.  He screamed to them that he needed help and that he couldn't move but it took and HOUR until they finally called the police.  The surgeons were trying to wrap their mind around the whole removal process.  They started to chisel away at the hardening cement.  His right leg was free but as they started to remove chunks of cement, the pressure in that leg started to build.  Cali had to cut it open to relieve that pressure.  Gross?  Kind of.  Exciting?  VERY!  Then, all but one chunk of cement over his abdomen had been removed.  Bailey explained to him that when the cement was removed the toxins in his abdomen would travel to his heart and he would start to arrest. Sure enough, that happened.  They restarted his heart and rushed him to surgery.  In the O.R., there was something wrong with his heart and Hahn wasn't there but Yang stepped up and said she did it before with Burke.  The Chief let her.  While she was working, Hahn came it and started to critique everything she was doing.  Yang finally snapped and told her to get out.  The procedure was successful!  The Chief confronted Hahn afterwards telling her that Yang "flew solo" and she should be proud because that means she was a good teacher.  He also told her that he needs to give Yang more experience and teach her better. 
Meanwhile, Alex was still in denial about Rebecca.  He thought she was ok with him and that he could take care of her.  He called Izzie and asked her to cover for him because he wasn't going to work.  Rebecca was Izzie's patient so Izzie saw how messed up she was.  She tried to convince Alex that he needed to bring her in.  He refused.  Izzie was worried and tried all day to reach Alex.  He finally answered and turned his back to Rebecca to talk to Izzie.  When he did that, Rebecca slit her wrists.  Alex rushed her into the hospital and Izzie tried to help him.  He yelled at her and said that he would have been watching Rebecca if she hadn't called.  Izzie KNEW that Rebecca needed psychological help and didn't back down after all, Rebecca was her patient.  She ordered a psych consult and they found out that Rebecca did have a disorder and she was admitted.  Alex was crushed.  He went to Izzie for comfort.
Georgey, Georgey, Georgey... George has been the Chief's intern.  He has been giving up surgeries to work with the Chief in hopes to redeem himself from failing the intern exam.  While in the Chief's office, he realizes how easy it would be to look at everyone's personal files.  He tells Lexie this information and she can't help but go into the Chief's office herself and steal all of the files.  She read every one of them.  She tells George that he only failed the exam by ONE POINT!  This news crushes him!  He said that the only thing that separated him from the rest of his class was one point.  Lexie corrected him, telling him that the one thing that separated him from his class was greatness because of what was written in the eleven letters of recommendation he had in his file.  George went to the Chief and said he was above doing the jobs he was doing.  The Chief told George that he could re-take the intern exam.  Yea!  I've missed George this season :o)
Meredith has been going to see a shrink.  She finally breaks down and tells the shrink that her mother tried to kill herself in front of her.  She said that after her mother's affair with the Chief had ended, she slit her wrists right in front of Meredith.  Meredith said that she sat in her mother's blood on her kitchen floor holding her until she passed out before finally calling for help.  Her mother told her, "Be extraordinary.  Be an extraordinary woman, Meredith."  The shrink insisted that Meredith's mom did not want to die.  Meredith kept going back to the shrink to tell her more and to try to figure out why her mother did what she did.  Meredith finally realized that her mother was a talented surgeon and that if she REALLY wanted to die, she wouldn't have slit her wrists.  She only wanted the Chief's attention and for him to go back to her.  Meredith told all of this to the chief and he didn't even know it had happened.  Meredith realized that when her mother told her to be extraordinary, she wasn't talking about as a surgeon at all.  That's what leads Meredith to Derek's. 
Ok, where was I... Derek ended up at his trailer and out of the corner of his eye, he sees light.  He goes over to the land he wanted to build his house on and finds Meredith surrounded by candles outlining a house floor plan.  Meredith explains that over there was the living room, and that was the kitchen.  Over there was the room their kids would play in.  She was ready!  She realized that she wanted to be with Derek.  I was so happy!!  I was seriously sitting on my couch smiling and clapping :o)  BUT THEN, Derek said that he wanted a clear conscious and needed to talk to Rose first!  He smiled and told Meredith to, "Wait for me," and then walked away!  Ugh!!  I HATE (LOVE) cliffhangers!
Wow!  What a wonderful episode!  So good!  I think next season will be a lot about George.  I think he will pass his intern exam and become resident.  I also think that Yang will excel and stand up to Hahn more.  I think that Meredith and Derek will be together and that Izzie will finally find her niche at the clinic (Bailey gave it to her).  It will be good!  Only 27 days 12:13:27 until that episode :o)

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