Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sick and Tired of BEING Sick and Tired

Ugh... I hate having a head cold.  My whole face feels plugged.  I was going to call in again this morning, but the system's voice mail service was down so I couldn't leave a message.  I should've stayed home again.  I am MISERABLE!!
We let Jaden cry herself to sleep last night for the first time.  We both felt bad but we both tried rocking her to sleep.  She did fall asleep in our arms (mine twice, Mike's once) and stayed asleep when we put her down, but as soon as we left the room, she was standing up crying.  Finally, Mike just turned off the monitor and we finished watching American Idol.  We said we would give her ten minutes and if she was still crying, we'd go in her room.  She didn't even last ten minutes before she was OUT!  We checked in on her before we went to bed and both felt kind of bad because she had thrown her pacifier out of her crib, so she fell asleep without it.  Oh well!  The funny thing is though, when we went in to check on her, I immediately started CRACKING UP!!  She had taken her pants off!  She had never done that before.  It, for some reason, was hilarious to us :o)  She was fast asleep with her face buried in her pillow up in the corner of her crib and her little butt up in the air.  I straightened her legs out and covered her.  We never heard from her in the night.  I checked on her this morning and she was in the same position at the opposite end of her bed.  Such a goober.  Everyone has told us to let her cry it out but we have always caved because we felt bad for her.  We found out last night that it worked!  Maybe now she'll learn that bedtime MEANS bedtime.
Well, I'll bet you all are wondering how the golf experience went... It was so much FUN!!  Mom and I really enjoyed ourselves!  We were actually hitting the ball, too.  We played with two other women.  One was horrible and the other THOUGHT she was a pro.  We started to get tired of her "tips" on the second hole.  It was a really fun experience though.  We played best ball and ended up with a 40.  Not too shabby!  I also found out that I am not that bad at putting!  I believe I successfully completed that Life List experience :o)  What's next??
You know what show I really like now?  Women's Murder Club.  I have been watching it from the very beginning and have always liked it, but recently I have REALLY liked it.  One of the main characters, Lindsay Boxer, used to be in Law and Order.  Jill, another main character, was in Passions.  I just REALLY like it :o)  Grey's is new tonight.  Do you kind of feel like Grey's is not as good this season?  I kind of do.  I feel like everyone is just comfortable and there are no long-lasting stories.  I don't know... I think I am just so sick of T.V.  I'm sure it will be great tonight.
Merry Christmas Eve!

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