Monday, May 12, 2008

I had a very HAPPY Mother's Day!

I had a WONDERFUL weekend! Saturday I had Dannielle's bridal shower. It turned out great! I think she had a good time :o) Then, Saturday night, Mike planned a surprise date night for us! Early in the week, he had asked my mom if she would watch Jaden. Ironically, I also asked her to watch Jaden. I was just exhausted from being up with her EVERY night and needed a break. I wanted to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. I felt bad asking mom to watch her because she had been being SO fussy at night. When I did ask her, she just blew me off! I understood though because Jaden had not been sleeping through the night at all. I found out later that Mike had called her when I left and told her I was going to be asking her to watch Jaden. So anyway, Mom took Jaden and Mike and I went out to dinner at Red Lobster. It was SO good! Then, he had planned on taking me to see a movie but there really isn't anything out right now that we want to see. So, we ended up going to the Legion to hang out with Sean, Dannielle, Book, and Brandi. It was fun. Mike is the best :o)

Sunday was Mother's Day. We went to Cindy and Steve's for a "cook-out" (it rained and was cold so really we had a cook-IN). Mom and I practiced hitting a golf ball... tomorrow should be VERY interesting!!

Speaking of tomorrow... What have we gotten ourselves into?? There is no way I can golf 9 HOLES!! I'm sure we will both be so sore on Wednesday! When I actually HIT the ball, it went pretty far. I kind of impressed myself :o) The only problem is, I had to swing at the dumb thing about 20 times before I actually hit it. Oh how I feel for the two ladies who are on our team... Wish us luck!!

Jaden is FINALLY back to her normal self! She was so happy yesterday. For the first day in over a week, she wasn't trying to climb up Mike or me. We didn't have to hold her constantly. It was so nice. Then, last night I put her to bed around 9:00 and we didn't hear from her until 6:30 this morning! She didn't make a peep the entire night! *BIG SIGH*

Parvati won Survivor?!?! How on earth did that happen? From what the jury was saying, it seemed as though Amanda had it in the bag! And what about what Ozzy said?!?! I guess I'm just glad it is over. Our DVR is so full! We are trying to work our way through the taped shows so we can finally switch over to Comcast. I am so sick of Dish...

Have a good Monday!!

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