Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Great Weekend - Part 1

Oh my!!  Friday night I wanted to make some treats to bring to work on Monday.  I was working on them while I was feeding Jaden her dinner.  She quickly lost interest in her dinner and only wanted what I was working on.  So, since she wouldn't let ME feed her the pudding, I just gave it to her... The pictures tell all!!  We like to refer to this as the Chocolate Pudding Experience :o)
Mike and I got to watch a movie together this weekend.  We used to watch movies all the time... back when we had hours upon hours of free time!  We are getting more and more time to ourselves now that Jaden is going to bed better.  I don't remember what the movie was called... now that I think about it, I don't know if I ever knew what it was called.  It had Tim Allen in it and it was pretty funny!  There was this homeless guy named Huggy that lived in a tree over this rich family's house.  Tim Allen's son was trying to "kill" the daughter in the rich family.  It was a game they played at school.  He was given this girl's name ("Breakfast at Tiffany's" is on now!!) and was supposed to "kill" her by squirting her with a squirt gun.  He went to do so and at the exact same time, two assassins were trying to kill the rich husband.  It all ended with a nuclear bomb and gosh, I don't really know what the plot was now that I'm trying to remember it!  It was funny though!
Mike, Jaden, and I went to eat at Logan's this weekend.  It was SO good!  You know that smokey smell right before you enter Logan's?  I've always wondered what exactly that smell came from.  Well, it comes from their smoked chicken wings!  They were SO good!  Mike got the shrimp.  Jaden was too cute.  She does this thing now whenever anyone takes a drink, she says, "ahh!" like you do after a drink.  Well, as you can probably imagine, tons of people were drinking in Logan's and each time, she said "ahh!"  Oh, and Sunday morning, she was laying in bed with us for a little bit after she got up.  We had Home Improvement on TV and Al took a drink and Miss J said, "ahh!"  Mike and I both laughed hysterically!
Well, we've decided that we are going to put our house up for sale next month!  We are waiting until after Dannielle and Sean's wedding because they have said they were interested in it a couple of times.  We are going to talk to them and if they've changed their minds, we are going to list it and start looking for a new house!  Exciting times!!
Have a great week!

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