Monday, June 2, 2008

Another Great Weekend - Part 2

Jaden and I went to the zoo again on Saturday, this time with Gramma J!  Jaden had so much fun!  Her little cow friend was laying down this time so she made some new friends... the GOATS!  She enjoyed petting them until one tried to eat her shorts :o)  We were a little disappointed that we couldn't see any of the African animals, particularly the giraffes, due to the construction.  Then, out of the entire zoo, Jaden seemed to enjoy the mulch around the bench while waiting on Gramma to bring ice cream.  Of course, the ice cream was a huge hit too!  This weekend is supposed to be really nice too so we will probably go back again.  We're looking for our next guest... any takers?

1 comment:

Gramma J said...

Can I be your guest again?
That was lots of fun!
I bet Grampa Max would love to be a guest too!