Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

You can chalk last weekend up to another fun one! On Saturday, Jaden and I went to Lakeside Park to take Dannielle and Sean's engagement picture. Of course, I had to snap a couple shots of Jaden by the pretty flowers!

Then, we went to Garrett for a visit with Gramma Pat and then for an early Father's Day cook-out with Dad since we were going to the lake on Sunday. At Gramma's house, Jaden started making raspberry sounds. It was too cute because she would buzz her lips until it tickled her nose :o)

At Mom and Dad's house, Mom and I made some tasty shish-kabobs for dinner! They were VERY yummy and a ton of fun to make! We had a little "scrap bowl" in the middle of the table for anyone to put anything they didn't like into it and then you could take extras from the scrap bowl. It was a great idea considering Shane ONLY liked the meat and I couldn't get enough of the veggies! Mom did a great job grilling them too! Jaden had a lot of fun with her Gramma J and Grampa Max!

On Sunday, we went to the Lake to spend Father's Day with Mike's dad. The weather was a little questionable on the way up there. It was getting dark and cloudy and VERY windy! The sun finally started to peek out after lunch though. Mike loved his Father's Day gifts from Miss J and me. I tried to get a good picture of Jaden with her dad on Father's Day, but as you can see, she did NOT want to sit still and Dad was pretty interested in the US Open on TV...
It was a fun weekend! I hope all dads had a happy Father's Day!

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