Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ok, I'm listening to my favorite morning DJs, Dirk and Jeannette. They just did an experiment that SERIOUSLY made me laugh OUT LOUD! I don't even think it was because the experiment was funny. It was because Jeannette ACTUALLY thought it would work! What happened was, they saw a video on YouTube of people trying to pop popcorn with their cell phones. Jeannette believes it is real and Dirk thinks there is a hot plate under the table cloth. So, they got three kernels of popcorn and three cell phones and tried the experiment. This is so fake, it's not even funny! If your cell phone could send off enough heat or WHATEVER to pop popcorn, why doesn't it burn a tiny hole in your pants when it rings in your pocket? Then Jeannette said the phones should be closer but Dirk said he didn't want to reach in and move it because he was afraid he would get burned (sarcastically, of course!)... Oh you guys! Really?!?!

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