Friday, June 6, 2008

TGIF - all caps, bold, EXCLAMATION POINT!

This week went fairly fast... until today!  The day just seems to be dragging on...
I felt very smart today :o)  I was supposed to type the mission/vision poster in Spanish.  I was given translation and while typing it, I found a couple of mistakes!  Now, I am far from fluent in Spanish, but I did have three years of it in high school and was on the Spanish Honor Society.  The mistakes I found were obvious to me, the non-Spanish speaking.  I called the lady (whom, might I add, has the last name Martinez) and asked her about the mistakes I found.  One was estudiantes was spelled estudintes.  She insisted that she had spelled it correctly.  The second was the words "Mission" and "Vision" were left exactly as that.  I asked her if she would like them to be translated and she replied that they were the same in English as they were in Spanish.  I didn't think there were "ss" in Spanish but like I said, I am FAR from fluent.  I said ok and got a second opinion from a guy here who speaks Spanish very well.  He said I was correct in the mistakes I found PLUS he said it didn't even translate to what the English version said!  He said Spanish-speaking people would look at that and laugh at the dumb American who tried to translate it!  So, I called Ms. Martinez (must be a married name) back and informed her of my findings.  I told her to contact Student Services and find someone to correctly translate it for her.  I also asked her if she consulted her school's translator... SHE IS HER SCHOOL'S TRANSLATOR!  Wow.  Anyway, it is fixed and I get the gold star for the day :o)
So, my movie date was a blast on Wednesday!  We went to see Strangers.  I feel bad saying it was a good movie because of what it was about.  It was literally the SCARIEST movie Mike and I have ever seen!  Mike LOVES scary movies and has seen a ton of them, so for him to say it was the scariest he had ever seen means it was SCARY!  It wasn't very gory, just freaky.  It was based on a true story that happened only TWO years ago.  They never said what state it happened in but the license plates looked like they were Arizona maybe?  Very scary.  I was a little freaked out afterwards and was glad Mike's legion plans got cancelled.  We got some goodies at Zesto and went and ate them with Miss J.  She always makes things better :o)
We were planning a repeat trip to the zoo on Saturday, but I think we are going to pass.  It is supposed to be unbearably hot so I think we will just hang at home instead.  If it doesn't rain, I'm planning on blowing up her pool and working on my tan while she plays in the water.  Don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures!! 
Mike and I are official picnickers now.  We currently have no kitchen table.  Wednesday night, we took ours apart so it was just laying in pieces in the middle of our dining room.  Yesterday, mom and dad came to collect it to take it to Shane and Ashley down in Indy.  Then, on Sunday they are bringing us our new one!  It's not actually new, but new to us.  We bought Jackie and Aubrey's because they bought a house and got a new one.  I'm pretty excited :o)  Oh, and we aren't really picnicking in our dining room... we're eating out tonight!
This weekend is birthday-mania!  Happy 1st birthday to Miss Hannah Loomis on Saturday, and happy 4th birthday to Mr. Seth Layman on Sunday!  They should have GREAT weather for their celebrations!
Everyone have a great weekend!!  If you're in the neighborhood, stop by and dip your toes in Miss J's pool :o)

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Gramma J said...

We made our first table drop this afternoon......gave Ashley her b-day present, got lots of kisses from Frank, but didn't get to see Shane.
Now let's hope the table pick up goes well on Sunday or you will be picnicking!
I can bring the wine! ;)
Sounds like a fun time ahead for Miss J! Don't forget the sunscreen, sweetie!