Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yea Miss J!

Click the link to my mom's blog at the right. She has a video of a very adorable little girl walking to her dad :o) Too cute and such a big girl!!

Dannielle and Sean are getting married this weekend. It's been a long time coming and I'm sure they are very relieved for the day to finally be so close! I tried my dress on again last night and it is actually a little bigger than I thought. There is an adjuster strap inside that is supposed to make it tighter to my body but that is still too loose so I am going to try to cut out one of the adjuster hooks and sew it further down so I can fit in it that way. Then, I am going to wear my wedding bra (it is strapless and covers my entire torso) AND another strapless bra on top of that to fill out the top part. You see, we had to order these dresses so long ago. I was fitted last August (only 4 months after having Jaden) and this size fit a little snugly. I was tempted to buy a size smaller but there was no guarantee that I was gong to lose my baby weight. Well, I did... plus a little more. I could have had it altered but that would have been so long ago, it probably would've still been a little loose. So, I am going to make the best of it and try to cover it up my self! I'm sure it will be fine...

If any of you are reading the books on my summer reading list, listen up! I need to switch Angels with Second Chance because I went to Border's last night and they didn't have a copy of Angels. So, after Welcome To Temptation, we will read Second Chance by Jane Green. Is anyone reading Welcome To Temptation? What do YOU think of it?

Remember Baby Kate from The Little Give and Kate's Kart? Well, today would have been this precious little girl's second birthday. The most unbelievable thing happened this morning on my way to work and I KNOW it was all because of this special day. I was driving and it was a little hazy and humid. I was about ready to turn onto the street that my work is on and I saw a very faint but beautiful rainbow in the sky! I read in Krista's blog that shortly after Kate passed away, Seth, her big brother, said that in Heaven, Kate was in charge of the rainbows. How wonderful of her to say good morning to all of us on her birthday with that beautiful rainbow! Happy Birthday, Kate!

In honor of Kate's birthday, her parents declared today, June 26 as "GO EAT ICE CREAM DAY!" If you can go there is nothing better than going out for ice cream...If you can't...then dip up yourself a bowl in your own house. Check out Krista's blog for an ADORABLE video of Baby Kate enjoying a bowl of ice cream. Send a picture of you, your family and friends having a dish of ice cream for Kate to Krista. She wants to put together a slide show of everyone celebrating Kate's memory.

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