Friday, June 27, 2008

Go Eat Ice Cream Day

Yesterday would have been Baby Kate's 2nd birthday so we celebrated by having ice cream treats at Bisque It. I HAVE to show you some pictures! Krista wanted us to take pictures of us enjoying ice cream so she could put them into a slide show. I set up our cameras to take a picture of Mom, Jaden, and me but for some reason Mom's camera just kept taking pictures! It wouldn't stop! We started laughing SO hard!!! I seriously had to get up and run to the bathroom before I peed my pants! Here are the pictures that Mom's crazy camera took:
Oh my goodness!! It was so funny! I am seriously laughing out loud as I look at the pictures again! I'm sure it is probably on of those things where you really have to be there to think it is as funny as it actually was... Trust me, it was HILARIOUS!
Mom- Was that customer still there when your camera went nuts? Oh, and where is your BIG EYES picture?? I WANT IT!!
I really tried not to laugh because my camera still had not taken a picture yet but while we were waiting on it, Mom's was going nuts so I couldn't help but laugh :o) I love Jaden's expressions! She is just wondering why we stopped feeding her ice cream!
We did get some good ones after that though...
So much fun Krista! Thanks for letting us share in your family's special day :o)

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Anonymous said...

Those pictures are PRICELESS! I love the sequence of you and your mom losing it! And Jaden's face is just hilarious! Thanks for sharing.