Monday, July 21, 2008

"At first I was afraid, I was petrified..."

Such a big girl! Jaden is scared of a lot of things. She is scared of pushing toys (walker and shopping cart), big giant kick balls, swings (a.k.a. The Torture Chamber), her bike seat, her bike helmet, balloons, and until recently, playground equipment! We went to a family reunion in Avilla on Sunday and Mom tried to get Jaden to play on the playground equipment, but as I figured, she was scared. Later, she saw all of the kids playing on it and pointed to it saying, "this!" I took her over and she actually climbed up on it! I was a little scared because there were a few places she could possibly fall off. Maybe we should try riding a bike again! If it wasn't for that dang helmet scaring her!!

Friday night, Mom, Laura, and Krista came over to scrapbook. It was a LATE night! I had so much fun. It had been too long since I last scrapbooked. I think the last person left around 1:30 AM!! I finished one of my books though!

Saturday was such a busy day. I went to Garrett in the morning to take pictures at the GHS alumni luncheon, went to Gramma's house for lunch with her and Gramps (she was outside walking with Ellie Mae when I got there... recovering VERY well from her surgery!), then back to the school to take more pictures at the alumni program.

In between all of my morning activities, I listened to 95.1 for a chance to qualify for DMB tickets but could never get through when they sounded their ring tones. I was at home sweeping the floors, complaining to Mike that I couldn't get through even once all day when I heard the ring tones. I ran and got the phone and dialed the station... CALLER #2! I needed to be #9 or 10. I tried again and this time....... I WAS CALLER 10!!! I am qualified to win 2 tickets and a $50 gas card to get there! Keep your fingers crossed for me... I find out in about 15 minutes!

Saturday evening, Mike and I went to a party at a co-worker's house and then met up with some friends to go to Flashbacks. We were having fun at Flashbacks and decided we wanted to leave, so we went outside to catch the Piere's van to go home. For some reason, we decided to go BACK inside and dance some more. They called last call and so we decided to go outside and wait for the van (we have the van pick us up at home so we don't have to drive. It's free and they take us back home.) along with the rest of the people in the bar. We WERE standing in front but when the van came, people pushed us out of the way and crammed onto it. We decided (didn't really have a choice) to wait for the next one. We waited... and waited... and waited... until we FINALLY discovered that the vans were done running for the night! We were stranded downtown at 4 in the morning. Nix had caught a ride with some of his co-workers, so we called him and he came to pick us up. NEXT time, we'll leave before the crowd!
Time to give away the DMB tix!!

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Krista said...

I had a great time last Friday...thanks for being such a great hostess...can't wait till next month!

Such a busy crazy girl yoU!