Monday, July 28, 2008

First Rain

Saturday, Erin and Hannah went to the zoo with Jaden and me. It was a lot of fun... until it rained. We stopped at Dairy Queen for a sundae and it started to sprinkle a little so we went into DQ to finish our ice cream. The rain stopped and the sun came out so we decided to head over to the kangaroos. As we were walking through the bird area, the rain started again. We were stuck. No shelter to hide from the rain. The girls seemed a little confused and Jaden shivered a little bit. This was the first time either of them had been OUT in the rain. It was too cute :o) We were all drenched! The rain didn't ruin our fun though... just made it a little wet! Thanks for the fun time, Erin and Hannah! Next time, plan something fun to do in Muncie and we'll be there!
Friday night, we ALL laid in bed for a little bit to watch America's Funniest Home Videos. Jaden loves laughing at the little kids and the animals on that show. Personally, I found it funny that we had the ENTIRE FAMILY on the bed and it didn't break!

On Sunday, we went to the lake to celebrate Grampa Ron's birthday. We went out on the lake and I asked to stop at the sand bar so I could put Jaden in for a little bit (I am NOT putting her in 35 feet of water!) but apparently we don't care if Jaden gets to take a dip in the lake or not... we went out deep and Jaden just watched. Sorry babe :o( Is it so bad that I want to be able to touch when I'm holding my baby in the water? I guess we'll just have to try the water out at Aunt Cindy's instead!

We all fell asleep so fast last night after being outside all day on Sunday. I did NOT want to get up for work this morning! I don't like Mondays much...

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Gramma J said...

Tell Jaden that we will go to Chain 'O Lakes this weekend and she can actually get in the water!! And I heard rumor that her new babysitter is gonna take her to a wading pool!
Fun Times for Miss J!