Monday, August 4, 2008


Ahhh..... how soothing it is to finish a good book!  Angels by Marian Keys was GREAT!  Definitely a * * * * * book.  In the beginning, I was SO confused!  All of the characters sounded so familiar!  I was starting to wonder if I had read it already.  THEN, Maggie (the main character) started telling about her sister, Claire... WATERMELON!!!!!  I had read a Marian Keyes book a long time ago and this book was about the same family, a different sister.
In Angels, Maggie discovers that her husband hadn't been faithful to her so she takes off to L.A. (from Ireland) to visit her best friend, Emily.  I don't want to give too much away about this one because it is definitely worth reading.  *Mom, read it if you liked Watermelon.*  While in L.A., Maggie does a lot of thing out of her character.  Through each experience, she continues to find out a different part of her emotional puzzle.  She flashes back a lot to the events that lead up to her husband being unfaithful.  These flashbacks come here and there throughout the story, so a little bit of you keeps wondering. 
On top of all of Maggie's problems, Emily is having issues of her own.  She is a struggling screenplay writer, trying to sell one of her scripts.  She goes from EXTREME highs to extreme lows, and Maggie is always there to help her out.
I think Marian Keyes might be my new favorite author!  I saw that she has a book called Rachel's Holiday.  I wonder if that one is about another Walsh sister??
The next book on my list is Drop Dead Beautiful by Jackie Collins.  I've never read a Jackie Collins book.  Everyone I hear from that HAS read one has very strong opinions about them; loved them or hated them.  So, I guess you'll find out which type I am after I finish the 88 chapters (are you SERIOUS?!?!) on August 18th! 
Seriously though, go read Watermelon and then Angels...


Gramma J said...

You have sold me....can I borrow "angels"? As far as Jackie Collins goes, I am on the thumbs down side, but I do have to say it has been years since I have read her. I will be eager to hear what you think.

Gramma J said...

I thought you might find this interesting, (you perked my interest): It has the information you wanted about the Walsh sisters.
Happy Reading!

amanda bee said...

hey sugarplum, so i realized that i don't have your email address except for on my work computer - SO - i thought i'd drop you a note here... it might be closer to 6:30 tomorrow when we can get to you guys, i hope this is ok... i'll for sure call you when we get closer, but we're making a pit stop in indy to have lunch with some family and you know how those things can run long... you can call or text me if plans change or whatever - we'll figure it out!! see you tomorrow!