Friday, August 22, 2008

Worst Case Scenario

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to choose "this" or "that"?  I'm not talking about which shoes you wanted to buy, I'm talking worst case scenario situations.  I had one of those moments this morning!  I was on my way out the door with my hands full as usual, when all of a sudden, I got a tickling itch on my forehead!  I had my purse, keys, lunch box, five cds, and two cups of coffee (one without a lid... yes, I'm back on the coffee...) in my arms while trying to hold one door open and shut the other one.  Wow, even as I type that, I wonder how I manage to do that EVERY morning and NOT drop anything!  Well, I had to decide whether or not to scratch my itch!  I tried to figure out a way to do it without spilling coffee all over my white t-shirt... didn't happen.  I rushed to my car, sat all of my belongings on top of it, and scratched my poor forehead.  It felt good :o)
I am so happy for the weekend to be here in a few short minutes!  Even though this week went by pretty fast, I am in desperate need of a relaxing weekend!  We have no plans at all this weekend so I am looking forward to hanging out with a certain cute little redhead all weekend long.  I'm going to get her pool out tomorrow morning and hope to go to the zoo after naptime.  I also have plans to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!  There is something about cleaning on a Saturday afternoon that takes all of the week's stress away.  It's about as good as snuggling on the couch on a Sunday afternoon watching Lifetime... unfortunately I haven't done that since I was pregnant :o(  I'm past due for one of those days!
Exciting news!!  I won a family pass to Black Pine Animal Park on the radio yesterday!  I'm so excited to take Jaden there.  She absolutely LOVES animals... she can make animal sounds VERY well!  I hear you are able to get really close, even touch some of the animals there.  I'll be sure to post those pictures when we go there!
Vacation is less than a week away!  I'm so excited to go to Tennessee.  I've never been to the Smokey Mountains!  Actually, I don't think Mike has either!  This will be a fun trip!
This morning, I thought of something on the way to work that I knew I HAD to blog... what was it?!?!  I can NOT remember...
Have a great weekend everyone!  Oh, and we don't have a friend to go to the zoo with Saturday afternoon so if you want to join us, just give me a call (You up to it yet, Gramma??)!!


Max the Pundit said...

Hey sweetie! If you have any extra stress to clean off, I volunteer my house! ...Dad

amanda bee said...

enjoy your trip to the smokies ladylove!! it's absolutely gorgous over there. and thanks for the note... i'm so sorry i missed out on all the fun. hopefully we'll get back up that way soon!