Thursday, September 18, 2008

This & That...

We went two for two last night with Jaden sleeping through the night.  Technically she didn't because she woke up shortly after 11.  I had JUST fallen asleep!  She fell right back asleep and stayed asleep until 7 this morning. 
Well, we didn't get the Tucson last night.  We just couldn't get them to lower the price enough to fit into our budget.  I'll give them an A for effort though!  They brought the price down a LOT, just not enough.  So... the search continues!  We're going out again on Saturday.  If anyone has a free compact SUV to give me, I'd gladly accept it (ISJ, Mom!).
We're going to Matt & Kelly's for dinner tonight.  Last Sunday there was a little bit of a tiff involving a few family members when we went to Karen and Ron's for dinner.  Hopefully all will go well tonight!  As Miss J would say, "Peace!"
I am SO ready to scrap the night away tomorrow!!  I'm loading up my car and making my cheesecake tonight.  I'm HOPING to be able to take a half day tomorrow.  Keep you fingers crossed that I don't get a "HOT" job tomorrow morning! 
Everyone have a happy Thursday!  Remember... GREY'S IS IN ONE WEEK!!!!!

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