Monday, October 6, 2008

Attack of the Ferocious Peacock

What a GREAT weekend!! The weather was great, we got a lot done... it was perfect. Friday wasn't very eventful. Jaden hadn't been sleeping very well at night (teething again!) and Mike and I only had 3-4 hours of sleep Thursday night, so needless to say, we were all exhausted come Friday. Jaden and I even had to cancel our girls night out with Kelly and Marissa. I fixed an early dinner, then Mike and I took Jaden to the mall for a little bit to play. We were in desperate need of some sleep that night so we thought some running around at the mall would wear Miss J out. We were right! She slept peacefully until 8:00 the next morning.

Saturday, Mom, Marissa, Jaden, and I went to the zoo. It was PERFECT weather too. The girls had a great time. Although at times I felt like I had three kids there! Would you believe my mom is afraid of a peacock?? Marissa and I were feeding the peacock bread out of our hands but my mom was too scared to do it! I held her hand out and she was shaking... eventually just dropped the bread. Now, I know that peacocks are pretty scary with their big ferocious teeth and all (it wasn't even a male with the big feathers!)... She was probably scared that the gigantic, roaring bird with its long, sharp fangs would eat her arm... or she was just a wuss! Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Afterwards, we met up with Kelly (Marissa's mom) at Pizza Hut. Then, it was home for a nap (Jaden, not me)! Saturday night, Mike and I actually got some Christmas shopping done!

On Sunday, Jaden and I were up before the sun, getting ready for the Vera sale! We met mom at IHOP at 8:00, had some pumpkin pancakes, and were off to the sale! Jaden was such a trooper. She patiently waited an hour and a half in line, then sat in her stroller while we zipped through the crowd. She caught on VERY fast! In no time at all she was pulling bags off the tables and out of the boxes underneath the tables. Before we got there, we went over what styles and patterns to get. She didn't disappoint! By the way, I was only joking about the whole "going over what patterns to grab" thing but actually, it's not a bad idea! Maybe I'll make a little book for her to reference every now and then... the spring sale is only 6 months away!! Anyway... we filled our pink garbage bags, made our way over to the sorting area, and started the decision making process. Jaden was so patient :o) THEN, get this, on our WAY OUT with our already paid for items, we get pulled over by security! We were already out of the Coliseum and on our way to the car and they ran us down! We were told that we could not bring our stroller back in because we had our bags on it!! We tried to explain that the stroller was for Jaden but since she was not in it, we got in trouble! She was in her stroller the ENTIRE time! It wasn't until we were DONE PAYING that I got her out and carried her because she started to get a little antsy! Besides, mom and I had a bag each. It's not like we were one of the many buying $2500 worth of stuff to re-sell! We didn't even have a big stroller! It was a small umbrella stroller! Ugh... the more I think about it, the madder I get. Of course, it was a man that stopped us. He was probably just angry that he had to miss the football games to work at the VERA BRADLEY sale. Oh well... we all walked away with some great things! Even Jaden got a cell phone holder to match her purse.

When we got home, Jaden and I helped Mike clean house. We went ALL OUT! It felt great to really do a deep down clean. Then, we did some shopping before heading to Karen and Ron's for dinner. I ended the night with Desperate Housewives. It was a great weekend!

Now, it's Monday and somebody isn't in a very good mood... Hopefully this week will go by fast.

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Gramma J said...

Hey I know how ferocious FEMALES can be....peacocks or otherwise, and you know what happened to the crocodile hunter! Can never be too careful!! I will stick with Jaden, throw the food to em!