Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Little Things :o)

This morning was quite possibly the BEST morning ever!  I left smiling and actually said out loud, "I love my life!"  I woke up at 5:40 and started to get ready.  I was fixing eggs at about 6:30.  Right after I put my hot eggs on my plate, Jaden started jabbering.  Usually I would go in there to her crying, pick her up (along with her trio), and take her into Mike who is still asleep since he goes into work much later than I do.  But today, since I knew my eggs wouldn't stay hot for long, I went into Jaden's room to get her (she wasn't crying... she said, 'Hi!!") and I brought her out into the family room with me.  She sat on the couch and shared my eggs with me while we watched the news.  Then she said, "pancakes?"  So I fixed her a pancake!  After breakfast, I changed her diaper and got her dressed.  I even got to put her hair in a cute little pony tail!  Then, a little after 7:00, Mike's alarm went off and he was happily surprised that Jaden was already ready!  It was so much fun spending my morning with her.  I guess I need to start fixing three eggs instead of two now :o)
Tomorrow, I may be saying I had the best NIGHT ever.  We are getting a new bed tonight!!  It's actually not "new" though... Mike's mom and dad are getting a king size bed for their lake house so we get their queen!  I am so ready to sleep comfortably! 


Gramma J said...

How sweet!
Miss J is definitely a morning person....looks like you have a new morning routine that has you smiling!!

amanda bee said...

enjoy the new bed!! switching from a full to a queen was probably the best we could have done for our sleep life :-) and i'm a little jealous of your breakfast buddy... we just have our sour olive cat :-P