Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday

(Jaden giving Jude a hug)

I saw this on a couple of blogs I was randomly reading a while back and thought it was a great idea!
Jaden and Jude are this week's Flashback Friday subject!! As you can see, they have been buddies since day one. It is so cute how protective Jude is of HIS baby girl... when she cries, he runs to her room and paces until she is calmed down. Last week when we were ALL up all night long, Jude was on our bed with Jaden when she was crying. Jaden loves giving Jude hugs and kisses! She has even learned how to give him treats! They are definitely two of a kind!!

Jude watching over Jaden when she was only 6 weeks old!

Jaden giving Jude a treat!


Gramma J said...

Love the idea....I am headed to my picture folder to find my first "Flashback Friday"

Laura said...

Shannon, I love your idea of Flashback Fridays. It's fun to look at the older pictures again! It's sweet to see the way Jude looks over Jaden.