Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trick-Or-Treat Time!!

Finally I can post Jaden's Halloween pictures!! I took her to JCPenney's to get pictures taken... NEVER AGAIN! I scheduled her appointment for 10:00 AM because Jaden is happiest in the mornings. They told us to get there about 15 minutes early so we could be sure to get our pictures taken at 10. We got there around 9:40 and they were so busy! We waited patiently for over an hour!! By the time it was Jaden's turn, she was NOT happy any more and did not want to cooperate. Would you if you had to stand and wait for over an hour in a fleece costume?? I don't blame her one bit... after all, look what we ended up with :o)We took Jaden to St. Anne's Retirement Home to trick or treat a couple of weeks back. This was the first time I honestly felt like I let my kid down :o( I called ahead and asked what the hours for trick or treating was and was told 6-8 pm. At 6:00, there was a line a mile long so we decided to go to Pizza Hut first. We got there at about 7:05 to find out we missed the whole thing! Trick or treating was only from 6-7 pm and from 7-8 was a zoo show. Jaden was really too young to understand and was super happy because she was able to spot a ton of "MONKINS." Plus, we found a little old resident that thought "he" was a beetle and filled Jaden's pumpkin with his left over candy. It turned out to be a great time... Just don't tell Jaden what she missed out on ;o)She found a HUGE "MONKIN"!!
She immediately started sorting her candy when we got home... this must just be something kids are born to do. I remember doing it when I went trick or treating. She even tried to share with Jude and Ty!! I thought it would be fun to start a new tradition in our family. I filled Jaden's bucket up with a bunch of goodies (similar to an Easter Basket on Easter). Before she went trick or treating, she got to see what goodies we got her! She especially liked the MONKIN book :o)We're off!! Time to go hit up all the Grammas :o)Trick or treating with Gramma Pat and Aunt Cindy.

Surprise, surprise!! Jaden found a MONKIN!!

Even Mom and Dad dressed up :o)

We all had a lot of fun!! It was so nice out too!! I'm glad we didn't have to cover her costume with her winter coat. (Jackie... did you notice the shoes?!?! Perfect!!) Happy Halloween everyone!!!
P.S. Today's Election Day!! No third term. Time for change. Vote DEMOCRAT. VOTE OBAMA & BIDEN!


Jackie said...

What a cute little lady bug!! Her shoes look adorable with the costume and matched perfectly. What a croc :) Give the little monkin big a hug from Auntie Jax!

Gramma J said...

These pictures remind me so much of you Shannon!
I have to go find your first or second Halloween...you were a lady bug too! (and just as cute!)

Laura said...

Even though your experience at JC Penney was second rate, the photos are ADORABLE! How I wish I would have thought about doing that with Sarah (maybe next year). For future reference, I've always had good luck with Sears' Portrait Studio. Keep the pictures coming, I never get tired of looking at pictures of Jaden.