Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight

We got a new bed!! This isn't exactly OUR bed but this is the new bedding we bought last night! :o) It is a wonderfully comfortable bed and I LOVE it! Thanks Karen and Ron for the hand-me-down! I could have slept all night in our new, soft flannel sheets BUT Jaden decided that wasn't going to happen. She woke up at 4:00 a.m. and only wanted to be held. I seriously can NOT do that anymore. Some nights she will sleep completely through the night and not wake up once. Other nights she SCREAMS until one of us gets up to hold her. I don't know why she does this but my body can not handle waking up at 4:00 for the DAY. Mike is home with her today so HOPEFULLY she (they) will get a good nap in and be ready to play when I get home! I was a little bummed not to have a breakfast buddy this morning... she was too busy snoozing in MY new bed. Oh Miss J...

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Gramma J said...

I love the new bed set!
Hopefully Miss J will get back into a better routine...maybe she woke up early not wanting to miss her breakfast buddy! ;)
Hang in there...this too shall pass. And she has been telling me she is due for a night with Gramma J and Grampa Max. Will check out my calendar.