Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday... and other stuff!

Yikes! I've fallen behind on my blogging again... This time of year is SO busy!

So, one day last week I came home and Mike told me I got a box in the mail. I was a little confused at first because I had received everything I ordered online and wasn't expecting a package. I went into the kitchen and saw this HUGE box sitting on the counter. As soon as I saw the Nashville return address, I knew EXACTLY what was in it! I was laughing and shaking my head in disbelief as I was opening it. As soon as I got through all of the tape and bubble wrap, I burst out laughing.

Amanda sent me Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash!!! This is the perfect example of why we were best friends so many years ago! I am so thankful to have gotten back in touch with her after losing touch back in high school.

She is honestly the sweetest girl I've ever met (not just because she sends me pop!) and is going through a really difficult time in her life right now. Even if you don't know her, please keep Amanda and her family in your thoughts and prayers as her dad is very sick and will be stopping his chemo treatments soon. Love you Amanda and am sending huge hugs down to Nashville!!

I'm also thankful this Thursday (and everyday) to be able to spend the holidays with my entire family!

This picture of Mike, Me, and Shane is from our Ridenour family Christmas on December 6th. The Ridenour Christmas always kicks off the Christmas season. This weekend, I get to celebrate with the Bartels families and the Teders families. Then, Wednesday we are going to Mike's mom and dad's for Christmas. Thursday is Christmas at our house in the morning, then off to Garrett to celebrate at mom and dad's house and gramma and grampa's house! THEN finally, Friday is Jackie and my bake-a-thon! The history of Jax and me in the kitchen together is a whole blog in itself... I'm sure I will have some great pics after that!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!! Be safe!!

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