Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...

...and boy, do I have a LOT of pictures!!

Well, I admit that I have been slacking in my blogging for a while now. I'm ready to catch up now! Enjoy the pics!

Jaden LOVED making some of her Christmas gifts this year :o)

She is concentrating SO hard!
Mike's Birthday Celebrations...
Kalie and I celebrating Mike's 27th birthday out at Piere's.

It looks like Mike was enjoying the night!!
Jaden and Marissa entertaining us at Mike's parents' house.

The girls helped Gramma Karen clean up after dinner.

Marissa was teaching Jaden some of her gymnastics moves.

Jaden helping her Dad blow out his candles.

On Mike's birthday, I surprised him with some monkey bread for breakfast and dinner at Takaoka.

Our cook was pretty impressive!

Thanks to the drunk newlyweds at our table, mike got a sparkly dessert!
My goofy girl!!
Our visit with Santa...
...didn't go as well as last year!

AFTER we left, Jaden was so proud of her picture with Santa (and Gramma J)!

She's a cool girl!
Christmas with the Teders's
Jaden helping Great-Gramma Teders open her gift.
Christmas at Gramma Ina's
Enjoying her new book.

Jaden and Marissa entertaining us again! This has become a regular (and enjoyable) thing when these girls get together! It is so cute to see J follow Marissa around and do EVERYTHING she does.
The Ice Storm...
Mother Nature was not very nice to us this Christmas! The ice storm knocked out our power around 3:00 am on Sunday morning (I don't remember the date... before Christmas). I called Mom at 4:00 and cried to her. It was so depressing... Mike, Jaden, and I huddled in bed together to keep warm until about 7:00 and then called Mike's parents to see if they had power and if we could stay with them until our power came back on. They came over and helped us get Jaden out and to their house. Then, Mike and put all of our food into coolers and put them in the garage. We ran our faucets and headed out. I went next door to check on our elderly neighbors and make sure they had a place to go. The whole thing was like a nightmare.

Our trees were damaged along with our spirits. With each day that passed, I cried a little more and wasn't even looking forward to Christmas. Our neighborhood was like a ghost town.

We finally got power back around 7:00 pm on Christmas Eve. We decided to stay one more night at Ron and Karen's since it was already late and our house was still a mess and cold. Mike and I went home around 5:30 on Christmas morning to clean up and make sure Santa made it through the ice to get to our house. Grammas and Grampas came over around 8:00 for breakfast and to watch Jaden open her gifts. It was so good to be home for Christmas!
Christmas at Ron and Karen's
Enjoying a little Christmas Eve BINGO before dinner.

Even brothers can be nice to each other on the holidays!

Jaden laughed hysterically at Grampa Ron's fart machine... Some boys never grow up!!

She got lots of goodies!!!

Marissa raked in the Hannah Montana loot thanks to us :o)

See, you would think that if she opened the clothes first, she wouldn't pay any attention to them and move on to the next gift... NOPE! Jaden LOVED the cheetah print pants and INSISTED on opening each gift after with them around her neck.

A Christmas Eve tradition passed on from my family... the girls got matching PJs!
HOME SWEET HOME!!! The BEST Christmas gift ever!
Santa was VERY nice to Miss J this year!
She got a drawing easel!
Christmas at Gramma J and Grampa Max's

Ok, now we have to have bungee cords wrapped around our neck...


Uncle Shane-O and Ashley got her a big Magna-Doodle! She loves it but guess what I have to draw for her all the time... ARTHUR!!
Christmas at Gramma and Grampa's
She got some great new books from Tabitha!

Now Grampa Wayne wants to wear her clothes!!

She got a BIKE!!! George fits nicely in the front basket :o)

The gifts she painted were a huge hit!!

It was an exhausting holiday!! Notice George, Arthur, AND Clifford are all in the picture!

Watching Arthur WITH Arthur at her new table! Don't worry, George and Clifford aren't too far away!

Jax came over for some holiday baking! We made some pretty good treats!!

She loves playing with her giant legos from Shane and Ashley.
On New Year's Eve, Nix, Kalie, Mike, and I went to the legion... don't you love my feather!
I remember when I was little and I stayed with Gramma and Grampa on New Years Eve and the next morning, Mom would always bring me her New Years Eve tiara. I was excited to finally get to bring Jaden one!
Wow! Now I'm up to date... and exhausted! I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow after a long vacation! I PROMISE I'll try to keep up with my blog a little better :o) Maybe that will be one of my New Years Resolutions!! One last picture for you... Jaden painted a picture on her new easel tonight!
Happy 2009 everyone!!

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