Monday, January 26, 2009

So, What Are YOU Doing This Week?

Me? Not much... JUST growing hands and feet in my uterus!!!

Our little booger (I need a new name now that it's getting too big to be a booger) is about the size of a blueberry... unless it's anything like it's big sister! In that case, it would be nowhere near normal size and probably more grape-like! I read that eyelids are developing and the eye color is already what it will be at birth. Personally, I'm crossing my fingers for a brown-eyed-SOMETHING!

Honestly, I don't really think it has hit me yet. I think once I start to show I'll probably panic and be like, "WHOA!! TWO KIDS?!?!" But for now, I just unbutton my pants and feel like I ate too much :o) The maternity store (Yes, I've been there already and felt uncomfortable because I was TOO SKINNY... I'll bet money I NEVER say THAT phrase again!!) to buy one of those neat tube-top-like thingies that fit around the waist and go over the pants to hide unbuttoned pants. I love it! It just looks like I'm wearing a black shirt under my shirt! I might go back and buy a white one too.

The nausea is definitely showing it's dark side more so than with Jaden! It's not just in the morning either. When I wake up, if I feel nauseous, I will most likely feel like that for the majority of the day. Today's a good day. I have been pretty exhausted though but I am GROWING A HUMAN! ;o) My DVD, Buff Moms to Be comes out a week from tomorrow so I'm looking forward to a little bit of evening exercise to keep my energy up!


Gramma J said...

hey, wish i knew about those tube top like thingies....i like that idea better than dieting!
You got the right idea....go Buff Mamma. If that doesn't work, let me know, I can video my workout and you can laugh your way to fitness!

Max Teders said...

Sound like the baby is already bigger than my boss's brain, but smaller than his dandruff flakes!