Friday, January 23, 2009

The "F" Word

Not that one! It's FRIDAY, kids!!!

Why does it always seem that short weeks are twice as long as regular weeks? I had Monday off for MLK Day, but I SWEAR I still worked six days this week. I'm sure that the fact that I've felt like crap a couple of days and the constant back and forth with a certain department at work (cough...cough...public affairs...cough) doesn't help either. I'm just looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend!

Jaden and I are trekking down to Muncie tomorrow afternoon to visit with Erin and Hannah. Let's just HOPE Jaden will sleep the whole way there since we are technically skipping her nap. I do feel bad about it because I know how much I look forward to naps (even though I RARELY get to take them) and would be sad if I didn't get to take one. I'm sure once we get there and she has a little friend to play all day with, she'll forgive me :o)

Speaking of being sad, my emotions are SO out of control right now! I remember when I was pregnant with Jaden and I heard a song on a friend's MySpace page, I IMMEDIATELY started crying (it wasn't even a cry song)!! I remember Mike rushing in asking what was wrong and I just said between sobs, "I just really (sniff, sniff) love this song!" Well, the spontaneous bursts of emotion are back! Last night while watching Grey's, I had full tear flow at the end! I was just getting over the tears from Melinda telling Jackson it was "ok to go" when they executed William. I know, I know... he was a murderer and deserved what he got but STILL!! THEN, when Cristina got in the car with Meredith and it became clear that their feud was over, I LOST IT! BTW, is Izzy dying? I didn't really understand the whole "I'm here for you" part. Oh, and I think that deep down I am a scientist too... I never really thought of a doctor as a scientist but the way Denny and Izzy were talking, it made sense! I like facts too. I am a scientist of design :o)

ANYWAY... I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend! I know I'm due for a Flashback Friday... Maybe tonight IF I'm not too tired ;o)


Gramma J said...

Pregnant or not....last night's shows were over the top emotionally! I cried when the mom crawled in bed with her dying son, I cried with Meredith. And then the whole Izzy thing...yes, i think she is dying!! "I am here FOR you!"
And then if that wasn't enough....Did you watch Private Practice? I am guessing you didn't so I won't say anything.
I didn't watch ER....wonder if it was a tear jerker too.

Kelly said...

Yes, I cried during Grey's too... It was a good one. I hope you're feeling better. Can't wait to see you guys soon!!!