Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a Way to Start the Day!!

Oh my goodness!! It is too freakin' cold here!! I seriously heard on the radio this morning that tomorrow will "warm up to 2"!!! Well, with the wind and the below zero temperatures, my little old house has a hard time staying warm. Jaden woke up around 4:30 this morning and was freezing! Mike went in and grabbed her out of her bed and brought her to ours. I then went to the couch. I was nice and warm in bed but knew that if I wanted that final hour and a half of sleep, I needed to leave... three plus Jude in a bed doesn't work. I went to the FREEZING COLD couch (it's right under the windows) and shivered back to sleep. When my alarm went off at 6:00, I pressed the snooze for five more minutes. It went off again and I again slept for five more minutes. So, by the time I get my cold little butt off the couch, I'm already 25 minutes behind schedule (I usually get up at 5:45). I auto-started my car at 6:40. By the time I got out to my car, I was running so late! I had planned on leaving at five or ten til because of the road conditions. I was at my car around 7:05. I unlocked it, put all of my crap in the back, put my keys in the ignition, pressed unlock, and proceeded to scrape off my car. I was scraping my car when all of a sudden, my car LOCKED THE KEYS IN ITSELF!!! So, I'm standing there in the 20 below wind chilled weather with a scraper in my hand saying mean things to my car as I unsuccessfully try to open each door. So I slammed my scraper on the trunk of my car and grab my cell phone. I had no choice but to call Mike and have him unlock the front door so I could get my spare key. This is the second time it has happened! I THINK I've figured out why though. When I am in my car and I start it with the key in the ignition, the car automatically locks itself. I'm sure it does the same thing with the auto-start. When I unlock my car with the auto-start on, I'm fine. I put the key in the ignition, the door remained unlocked, but I still press unlock JUST IN CASE. What I think happened is the auto-start turned off and since my key was in the ignition, it kept running BUT, since the car was TECHNICALLY just starting, it locked. Ugh!


Gramma J said...

oh dear....well, the good thing is the day can only get better!!!

Laura said...

Just be thankful that Jaden wasn't locked INSIDE the car, or that you weren't out there without a coat, or that you weren't somewhere else where you couldn't get to your spare key. NO! I'VE NEVER DONE ANY OF THOSE THINGS!!!!

Kelly said...

WOW! I am glad Jaden wasn't in the car. I read so fast to see if that was in the story... WHEW! Glad it worked out. Kick Mike out of bed next time. You're the pregnant one!