Friday, January 16, 2009

Brain Freeze

It is seriously SO COLD!!! The HIGH temperature today is -4!! I wore my ski pants over my jeans to work today and didn't take them off until 8:00. All area schools cancelled because of the wind chills. It is practically IMPOSSIBLE to get warm! Last night I took a HOT shower and then ran downstairs to camp out in front of the TV to watch Grey's and Private Practice. I was snuggled in two fleece blankets and had Jude laying on my lap (he makes a GREAT heating pad!). I FINALLY got warm and toasty and wouldn't you know, I started to doze off! I read a recap this morning and I think the only part I missed was Meredith telling Derek's mom that she was dark and twisty and then Derek's mom giving Derek a ring. Is there a proposal in the future?!?! I have mixed feelings on the whole serial killer character. He wants to save someone in his last hours by giving Jackson his liver and intestine. I think he should be able to. Yes, he killed women in cold blood, BUT he is going to pay for his crimes! They let PDRs have a chosen last meal and apparently even get to choose how they are killed. Why not let them be organ donors too? Oh, one question... What was up with McArmy in Cristina's shower fully clothed? What happened to their date? Oh, and I saw Denny say to Alex, "We need to talk." What happened with Denny and Izzy? Hopefully that story line will end soon.

Private Practice made me cry. There was a single dad with a nine year old daughter and a toddler son. They all three have CF. The little girl developed a bacteria that is killing her. Her dad was not able to be with her because he could easily catch it and die as well. He had to choose between his children. He could either be by his dying daughter's side and eventually die as well, or he could watch his daughter die alone in isolation and stay with his son. I go back and forth in my head. I think I would stay with the boy, but then I think that I couldn't leave the girl, but then I go back to the orphan boy... He ended up handing his son over to Addison and giving him his house keys, telling her where everything was for his son, and walking into the isolation room and held his daughter. Couldn't he have worn a mask? I was dozing a little during this show too. The only story I was lost in was the lesbian stroke mom. Anything good happen there?

Well, I'm sipping hot chocolate in front of a space heater... hopefully we'll warm up a little very SOON!! Keep warm this weekend!!

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Gramma J said...

Ok, gonna try to fill in some of the may be more confused when I am done though!

yep, i do believe we will see a proposal....could it be the cliffhangar at end of season.

McArmy was drunk when he came to Cristina's door. She told him he need to take a he headed for her shower...not mine, she says! Then she ends up in there with him....weird!

Denny asked Lizzy if she was dumping him. She pretty much said yes.

I agree, Private Practice was just way too deep!!! I don't know that there was a right choice. He wanted to do a mask, they said that wouldnt help. I thought they were gonna make him a "bubble suit" so he could be with her and be safe too. But after thinking about it, that show isn't written that way...guess that is what makes it so good!
The lesbian story....that wasn't really much. The mom told her son, he rejected her, so she decides to choose her son over her partner. Then he comes around and accepts their relationship.