Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Look Mom, No Heat!!

For the very first time in I don't even know HOW long, I drove to work with no heat on! I didn't even shiver either :o) I was in such a good mood when I left the house today. I didn't even care that it was raining... It felt like SPRING! I'm taking it all in right now because I know we are supposed to get some more snow this week. Hopefully the ground has warmed up enough that it won't stick.

Last night, Mike disappointed me by telling me a HUGE Grey's spoiler!! I was so mad!! I asked him why on earth he thought I would want to know that?!?! His reply was, "It doesn't really have anything to do with the show." I stared at him with my mouth wide open and said, "It has EVERYTHING to do with the show! What part of that do you think does NOT have to do with the show??" He then just kind of went "hmphh... I'm sor-REEE." Not very sincere and now it's all I can think about.

We are bed shopping for Jaden. It's about time for her to move up to a big girl bed. We were given a flyer to an American Freight warehouse sale. We went to check it out last night... the living room and dining room sets looked great! They looked brand new! The mattresses... well, they looked a little used. They were dirty and sunken down in the middle. Kinda gross. We then went to Sam's Club. We found a Serta mattress and box spring for $98 each! So far that has been the best deal out there. If you know of any better deals or have suggestions on where to look, let me know! We are planning on turning our "closet" into the baby's bedroom (before you call CPS, our closet is actually our third bedroom. We put closet fixtures on the walls to turn it into a HUGE walk-in closet.) in March. We'll put the baby bed in that room and the new twin bed in Jaden's room. I want to give her time to get adjusted to it. I'd hate for her to NEED to be back in her crib and it's too late.

Are you watching Idol this season?? The winner is that guy with the glasses (his wife recently passed away) that sang I Hope You Dance last night. I picked Fantasia from her auditions. I also put Carrie Underwood in the final three from her auditions. I'm telling you, I got it this year! Unless... There might be someone really AMAZING that they haven't shown yet. Doubt it though. He's my pick.

That's about it! Have a happy rainy day!!


Gramma J said...
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Gramma J said...

I agree with you about Idol. Danny is top pick for me too along with David the "oil rig rougneck"

Enjoy the Spring day....I got the fever too!!!

Max Teders said...

Those real cheap "new" mattresses at the cut rate places are sometimes "remanufactured" made with old mattress guts and new outsides. They are full of dust mites and bed bugs. Go with the Sam's one. If the baby's room will be in the closet, will she/he sleep in a dresser drawer?

Laura said...

We bought Sarah's mattress at Denver Mattress. I don't remember how much it cost, but since we're cheapskates, it was probably reasonable. She really likes it.

I also love Danny on Idol. Last night I also fell in love with the guy who played the piano and sang a bluesy-kind of song...I think his name is Matt Giraud.

I can't believe "Normal Gentle" and that Tatiana chick made it through. Unbelievable!

Kelly said...

The weather, other than wet, AWESOME! I have had the heat off the last couple days and it's still been 75 up-in-hea! My cat keeps trying to break throught the glass too!
OMG! I love Idol this year! Tatiana is about ALL I can take. I can't BELIEVE she went thru. I'm gonna vote for EVERYBODY else except her just so they'll throw her overboard. Danny is AWESOME! He is very genuine too. I like that. I might have a little crush...
Whatever Mike said, I don't want to know, cuz we have a date on Thursday.

Tia said...

I totally agree about Idol. I had him pegged early too! Good luck with the big girl bed. My almost 3year old loves her crib and I love it too. I dread the big girl bed. I should also tell you that I grew up in Indiana, near Muncie and I graduated from Ball State. It's nice to have an Indiana blog friend!